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mars - nomad base

one of the most important achievements of humanity were driven by curiosity. it leads us through our whole existence. it forces us to push ourselves to the limits. without any doubt, one of the most important things in taking another big step is to understand and explore cosmos. thanks to it, we could become a multiplanetary spiecies. but before it all happens we need to learn how to survive on another planet.

in phase 1 of NOMAD mission on mars lander arrives on red planet. the lander contains all the equipement and hardware required to start operational station. automated drones with robotic arms, unpack the lander and put components into planned location.

in phase 2 a ‚starter pack’ is situated and connected. it consists of 3 types of modules:
- airlock
- hard shell habitat
- inflatable shell module with 3 connection points

in phase 3 drones are focused on situating the rest of inflatables. modules are multifunctional and can be arranged to serve various functions, depending on mission’s purpose. modular design of the components allows for easy expansion of the base into larger settlements. multiple connection configurations allow to adapt to different terrain.

ideas forward - mars competition
honorable mention
published in ideas forward mars book

project made with maciej rebisz #voyager212